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Sibelius Metal Stands

300.00 Price Excluding Tax

These stylish and very practical stands are the prefect accompaniment for the Sibelius SG/CG. Manufactured exclusively for Pearl Acoustics from rugged 5mm steel and powder coated in a satin ‘Graphite Black’ (RAL 9011) finish, they will ensure the maximum performance of the Sibelius speaker in your listening room.



Our custom Sibelius stands have been especially designed to bring out the absolute best in your Sibelius loudspeakers, they do this by:

1. Decoupling the cabinets by creating an airspace between the speaker and the listening room
2. Ensuring upright operation, even on uneven surfaces
3. Rear clamp support for even the most heavy and challenging of speaker cables
4. Easy and safe re-positioning, allowing the fine tuning of speaker angle and pitch towards
the listener
5. Protection from floor cleaning operations and accidental water spillage
6. Increasing stability via the increased footprint provided by the four outriders

Additional information

Weight 11.7 kg
Dimensions 450 × 358 × 75 mm
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